Saturday, June 28, 2014


Welcome to Open European Forum, a new initiative of Open Society Movement!

The end of June 2014 is a starting point for Open European Forum (OEF), or „31st of June Night Movement”, which will provide a brilliant opportunity for „open minds in Europe” to openly discuss their ideas about how to make this part of the world a much better place to live.

Open discussions on important society matters will be most welcome in this forum. The aim of these discussions is to find solutions to the main problems in contemporary human societies in Europe and elsewhere on our home planet Earth.

So called „bright thinkers” (those who do not support slavery-based violent systems in the society) are asked to take an active part in OEF.

Supporters are encouraged to contribute with their resources, so the forum can be active and sound well all over Europe, and over the world.

The OEF Team has been just established, and is ready for work.

We work on the principles of Open Society. Our general aim is to change „violent systems” dominating in human societies in Europe and elsewhere on planet Earth to „humane systems” – knowledge-based systems, which support friendly relations between humans and friendly co-existence of humans and nature.

The nearest objectives of OEF Team are the following: 1) establishing an internet-based forum with easy access to participants and 2) to create electronic lists for more detailed discussions. Both will be working in English, which makes this forum easily accessible for a large international community.

Our team needs resources to carry out this important work. We can REALLY start working after we have received support!

Funding, donations and support

We kindly ask financial support for our activities connected to this new forum.

Address: Kaunase pst 10a-83, Tartu 50704
IBAN: EE972200221052070427

Bank data:
Swedbank AS, 8 Liivalaia Street, 15040 Tallinn, Estonia

Great thanks for your support!

Matti Masing,
Founder of Open Society Movement

End of June 2014

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Matti Masing, PhD in zoology

natural scientist, expert of European boreal fauna

E-mail: matti(at)